1. Sarah

    I am currently doing the keto diet and not feeling hungry is a side effect! I eat a lot less than I used to and rarely feel hungry.

  2. Yen

    Do you have more articles with updates on 131? This is so inspiring! I was debating it but love seeing this progress! Do you have an area with links to follow through since this was back in Jan? I think you’re done by now? How was it all?? Thanks!! (newbie to your site :))

    • AverageHealthyMom

      Thank you so much for your message and welcome! I am actually starting the 131 over now and will be posting updated on my blog! If you subscribe, that is the best way to get updates on posts! =) You can also search keywords “131” as I will always link the keywords to articles =)

  3. Stephanie D.

    I’ve also started 131. I’m on my 1st week of seriously restricting carbs & finding it difficult to keep my macros at the right percentages! Any favorite recipes?

    • AverageHealthyMom

      You can do it!! It is really challenging in the beginning. I find just putting meals together rather than uses recipes helped for me. For example, hamburger patty with grilled onions in avocado oil or sausage with grilled onion. I have bacon and eggs cooked in the bacon grease almost every morning!

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