1. Kid you not I have felt this exact same way! Since last week, to be precised. I have a blog that has been pending since Friday. I have been feel so off and when you mentioned the stye I was like omg we’re going thru some similar issues. My stye is barely going away by the way lol.
    Enjoyed reading this!
    Quarter Bum Mami

  2. As a fellow perfectionist, I can appreciate the pressure you feel. The thing is, for the most part we do it to ourselves. I work hard everyday on learning to be ok with « good enough ». It’s not easy and takes practice, but every day gets a little better. When the bar is perfection, we are destined to fail. It’s just not a realistic standard and we cannot possibly live up to it consistently in the various spheres of our lives. So give yourself a break mama! I’m sure you are going great and that everything is good enough 😊

  3. I hear ya! When my FMLA was spent after having my first child, I was kind of in a panic. I really wish they placed attention to mental health and more therapy visits were covered as well. I do agree that everything happens for a reason and I feel like a much more stronger person because of it! You got this!

  4. Your not alone I feel u and life can be tough especially if we constantly compare ourselves. I have made it a goal to myself to be me and happy with way my life is and not compare to others. Nobody is perfect even if everyone around u seems that way it’s not reality.

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